Clean Green Mart Owner, Vince Ciffa, featured in The Buffalo News

At Family Video stores across Western New York, you can pick up a Disney DVD for your toddler, an Xbox game for your teen and a bottle of CBD oil for your arthritis.

Products made with the cannabis extract cannabidiol are popping up in the most unusual places. Head shops and vape stores, sure, but pet stores? Gas stations? The video store?


The extract doesn’t make you high but reportedly eases inflammation, headaches, nausea and seizures, among other things, though there isn't much scientific research to back up those claims and some experts are skeptical. Even so, it has been widely embraced by consumers and, in turn, is a trendy ingredient turning up in everything from dog treats and bath bombs to shampoo and socks.

Now, changes in cannabis regulation are expected to open the floodgates on such products – bringing about new varieties, better access and higher quality – while also providing some oversight and structure to the market. Nationally, CBD sales are expected to hit $22 billion by 2022, according to cannabis industry analyst firm Brightfield Group.

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